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Camping Geodesic Domes


Camping Geodesic Domes

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Do you like the idea of camping, but don’t really want to “rough it”? It’s high time you explored a glamping geodesic camp! Create a magical atmosphere that extends past the walls of your cabin. The refined camping geodesic domes seamlessly blend into its wooden surroundings and provides a year-round living. Our highly site-specific solution emphasizes outdoor living and connects it to the interior.

Geodesic domes are a strikingly modern glamping structure that offers serious space and comfort. They're sleek, spatial, and stand out from the crowd. These super-cool glamping abodes are the modern way of enjoying the great outdoors, whether you're relaxing back in a king-sized bed or fueling a wood-burning stove. With the clear view dome, guests can sleep beneath the stars and immerse themselves in nature.

The Camping geodesic domes offer a fabulous alternative experience for an unforgettable holiday close to nature.

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