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Camping Geodesic Domes


Camping Geodesic Domes

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Enjoying the great outdoors isn't always easy. Wild animals, inclement weather, and other forces of nature makes it difficult to really enjoy your time under the open sky. With a geodesic dome, however, you can camp in full comfort almost anywhere in India. Why should you choose camping geodesic dome-style rather than traditional tents and cabins?


Feel more at home. A cozy dome has plenty of room for sleeping bags, gear, and all the accessories you need for your wildlife adventure.

Camp in any weather. Don't let the rainy season keep you inside. Sturdy domes protect you from wind, rain, and almost anything else nature can throw your way.

Cook in comfort. Skip the outdoor cooking that attracts wild animals to your area. Take your kitchen inside and eat like a king without worrying about bears and raccoons stealing your leftovers.

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