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Resorts Geodesic Domes

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Are you tired of living in a city? Pollution and noise are prevalent in all areas. Are you, on the other hand, looking for a tranquil, environmentally friendly setting that will help you relax and unwind? You are welcome to this Retreat geodesic dome to feel the serenity of the environment.

The challenge of the Retreat Geodesic dome is to provide the client space into which they could retreat and not become a spectacle for the high-rise buildings all around. The dome stands, displaying its intrinsic nature within, as an object rooted in nature. The nature-trapping volumes along with the site-induced angles of the dome structure and the natural materials defining different areas result in a chimerical, constantly adapting environment. The liberated dome structure from its load-bearing role is rather used as a space-making element, forming a series of interlocking planes, bent, and folded into each other.

The Retreat Geodesic dome draws in nature—a breeze, green, rain, sun, and sky—deep into and through its varying degrees of openness. This geodesic dome helps turn small everyday occurrences into eternal celebrations.

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