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Aviary Geodesci Domes


Aviary Geodesic Domes

Aviary Geodesic Dome Suitable for birds and other animals & Pets are more than just animals. For many of us, our animals are an important part of our family. For others, their animals may represent an important part of their business. Aviary domes are a unique way to keep outdoor animals comfortable and safe. Why should you consider a dome for your pets and livestock?


Domes allow natural light to enter the space nearly unobstructed. For many types of animals, this simple feature helps them thrive in captivity without succumbing to unnatural conditions.

Despite the name, aviary domes aren't just for birds. Keep a variety of livestock happy and comfortable in an appropriately sized dome. Besides chickens and ducks, domes make a great home for rabbits, dogs, and other small animals.

Predators are often able to breach the defenses of more traditional animal pens. Completely enclosed domes keep predators out without sacrificing the comfort of your own animals.

Domes can be sat directly on the ground and easily moved around when necessary. This makes them ideal for chickens, as farmers can move the dome around to fertilize fields while giving chickens a more natural lifestyle.

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