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Architectural Geodesic Dome


Architectural Geodesic Domes

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Our dome structures provide an extremely flexible event space to deliver unique and memorable experiences. Architectural Geodesic Domes are designed to withstand high load protruding from the inner surface of the dome including the sound system, lighting, and decorations. These lightweight domes are assembled in less time-frame and designed for concerts, celebrations, or exhibitions with good acoustics and sound control, microclimate management as well as multiple options of design.


Our unique freestanding domes have perfect, concave shapes that ensure sound reflection throughout the dome and its cohesion at different focal points ideal for large-scale events. Our prefabricated, re-locatable, lightweight solutions provide a fast, cost-effective alternative to renting new spaces or building conventional permanent structures. Tenso India’s bespoke approach allows us to create architectural dome structures that match the exact needs of our event managing clients.

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