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Green House Geodesic Domes


Plantation Geodesic Domes

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In the world of agricultural, greenhouses allow growers to start seeds earlier, grow a greater variety of crops, and protect delicate plants from weather and animal activity. However, more farmers are choosing plantation domes over traditional greenhouses. What makes domes better than greenhouses for commercial agriculture?


Maximize growing space. Domes offer the greatest amount of floor space, which means farmers can place more plants in their structures. Exposed metal links that form the frame can be safely used to guide trellises, hold hanging plants, and store equipment without sacrificing floor space.

Cost-effective design means more options. Don't limit yourself to one or two crops because you fear crossbreeding. Install multiple cost-effective domes to keep plants separated.

Keep animals away from crops. Small farmers often have a hard time keeping chickens, goats, and other livestock out of their gardening areas. Enclosed domes protect your plants from all kinds of predators

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