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Green House Geodesic Domes


Plantation Geodesic Domes

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If you've been bit by the gardening bug in the past year, you can never have too many plants!  It's easy to fall in love with new plants to add to your garden, from annuals and perennials to flowering shrubs and small trees. However, if you live in a cold region or want to get a head start on spring by starting seedlings for a vegetable or flower garden early, you need a green geodesic dome.

The green geodesic dome is a work of art with a skillful touch of nature. It welcomes farmers who want to grow diverse crops with the benefit of natural light and fresh air while protecting them from adverse weather conditions. When it comes to eco-domes, layout and organization are key. Exposed metal links that frame the eco-dome guides trellises, hanging plants, and provides storage without sacrificing the floor area. To avoid cross-breeding install multiple compact eco-domes to enhance your indoor cultivation.

Our Eco-Domes are the most efficient greenhouses offering a unique alternative biosphere for your crops and is specifically dealt with restrictions of space and economy.

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