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Tenso India is the market leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom Geodesic Dome structures for a variety of applications. We combine architectural designs with engineering solutions, ensuring your project quality is second to none. We offer endless possibilities when it comes to design solutions to meet your needs.


Aviary Geodesic Domes

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Resorts Geodesic Domes

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Architectural Geodesic Domes

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Aviary geodesic dome for species protection from predators and zoological parks and structure give you strong stability against wind & snow.
Geodesic dome for resorts for memorable reliable & Convenient stay for your guest.
Geodesic domes for camping is a very prominent domes.
We provide you customized architectural geodesic dome for many other uses e.g. Amphitheater, Conference room etc. 
Geodesic dome for restaurant give you static look and protect you from outside heat.

Glamping Geodesic Domes

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Geodesic dome for plantation or green house, you can make customizes geodesic dome for different type of plantation as per plant requirement.

Plantation Geodesic Domes

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If you want to be from earth quack & other natural disaster then Geodesic dome s best option for you to be safe with geodesic dome structure stability.

Geodesic Homes

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TENSO is the leading specialty contractor for custom Geodesic Domes structures throughout the world.

With more than 25 years of experience, TENSO has worked with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to design and build custom geodesic dome structures. As a turn-key specialty contractor, tenso provides pre - construction assistance; including design assistance, budgeting, construction methodologies and project schedule development.

Our in-house capabilities consist of design, engineering, fabrication, installation. working closely with architects and their clients, tenso assists in delivering award-winning solutions by taking an idea and building an icon.

In urban or suburban areas, our geodesic hub connectors and dome forms can be used to build durable, lightweight protective swimming pool enclosures and covered outdoor eating areas. Other uses include observatories, aviaries, greenhouses, garages, pet enclosures, and barns.

Prefer art over architecture, use our geodesic spheres to create decorative, spherical art that showcases your talent and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. The only limit to how you use our Geodesic dome kits and metal dome hub connectors is your own creativity.  of course, we also remind you that common sense is required in terms of safety and function.  While steel is strong, it does have its limits, and you are responsible for the safety and liability of any structure you make. 


Glamping Domes

These domes are helpful for children to develop sports habits like hand-eye coordination, stretching, climbing in a fun and easy way. We use the top quality material to build the dome to ensure long-term maintenance. 

Geodesic Domes

Promoting an eco-friendly living, these dome houses known for their aesthetic design, sturdy construction, and energy efficiency. We offer customized solutions to create a dome in different sizes that can be installed easily.


We offer customized solutions to create a dome in different sizes that can be installed easily. We apply modern architectural techniques and top quality material to design a perfect a cosy dome house for your lifestyle needs. 



Loopers for resorts and jungle safari. The aesthetically designed home is a luxury pod for people who love outdoor living with a touch of lavishness. We use high grade material to design the luxurious pods that last for decades and withstand all weather conditions.

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