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A one-stop shop for the construction of specialist geodesic domes and structures, offering bespoke design solutions appropriate for any natural environment.


Design. Engineer. Fabricate. Install.

Tenso India is the market leader in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of custom Geodesic Dome structures for a variety of applications. We combine architectural designs with engineering solutions, ensuring your project quality is second to none. We offer endless possibilities when it comes to design solutions to meet your needs. 

Tenso exists to drive global innovation in Geodesic domes and structures. While our work may straddle a variety of scales and typologies – resorts, commercial complexes, educational institutes, hospitality spaces, and agriculture properties — it is unified by the common thread of invention. Our consultancy is focused on combining creativity and pragmatism to bring new, compelling ideas to fruition through a complete, comprehensive solution for Geodesic dome structures. Our services include design, engineering, material applications, procurement, quality control, and construction of geodesic dome elements. While we strive towards compelling and dynamic spaces of Geodesic domes, we do so by combining clarity with quiet and thoughtful innovation; we endeavor to achieve the delicate balance of order, unity, and invention followed by integrity in work.


Aviary Geodesic Domes

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Aviary Geodesic Domes are specialized domes designed to boast a unique collection of birds and exotic animals in zoological parks and animal shelters. With weather-resistant properties, the dome structure is a spectacular sight for visitors.


Resorts Geodesic Domes

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With breath-taking views, the Resort Geodesic Domes embodies peace and tranquility while offering the comforts of home to your guests. The geodesic domes as camping sites blend in with the natural landscape and make an ideal vacation spot.


Architectural Geodesic Domes

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In order to accommodate large audiences, these unique, freestanding geodesic domes provide fantastic opportunities to transform the venue into something extra-ordinary and ideal for diverse events.
Offering an unforgettable experience with exotic interiors and lighting, this weather-proof geodesic dome is meant to provide a cozy and alluring atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy your dinner in.

Glamping Geodesic Domes

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With an insulated, temperature-controlled environment, the Green geodesic domes, with our advanced system, delivers the ideal climate and light control best suited to provide a safe and ideal environment to nurture your plantations.

Plantation Geodesic Domes

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With boundless design possibilities, geodesic domes can be your intimate retreat. This optimal design comes with immense space for you and your family to explore and be creative with.

Geodesic Homes

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Tenso India is India’s leading Geodesic Domes company and a dominant player in the arena of structural domes. With an experience of over 25 years, our product solutions spanning the entire breadth of Geodesic domes, architectural, and structural domes, are designed to deliver aesthetics and functional benefits. From privacy to safety, from thermal comfort to acoustic insulation, our dome solutions offer the right blend of aesthetics and functionality.

We embrace each design and consulting assignment with enthusiasm, creativity, and technical acumen. We work to procure unique materials that enhance progressive geodesic dome design elements and use creative problem-solving techniques to achieve your vision while remaining conscious of cost-saving opportunities.

We set the bar high by demonstrating a strong work ethic, high ethical standards, and unwavering innovation. Our team brings a diverse background of experience related to geodesic dome design, architecture, and engineering. The firm's goal is to provide complete and high-quality design services for a wide range of projects. We believe in cultivating a culture of collaboration by allowing open dialogue among employees so that they can exchange ideas and concepts that ultimately enhance our performance and the results, we are able to accomplish.

Our motto is simple: Demonstrate value to our clients. These ideals guide both our management style and the actions we take on a daily basis big, and small. When confronted with unique design concepts, we look at our past experience and forward to see how we can leverage our knowledge to create unique design and aesthetic solutions for geodesic domes that complement our clients' vision.

Above all else, Tenso India believes that innovation supersedes all logic and uses it as our guiding compass in the way we are and in all we do.


Glamping Domes

With exotic interiors of highest quality materials and spacious flooring for furnishing, this glamping dome entails warmth and comfort, ideal for your little ones allowing the true bonding with nature.

Geodesic Domes

Eco-Geodesic Domes are a durable, energy-efficient, and unique living alternative. The geometric principles used in the construction of eco-living domes guarantee an inherent ability to withstand the extreme forces of nature and any climate condition.


With state-of-the-art new technology, we are able to provide you with an aesthetically and structurally marvelous Pumpkin dome. This dome ensures warmth and safety for you and your loved ones.



Surround yourself by breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, endless valleys, and a lush green forest, and enjoying this dream-like moment with your loved ones. These Fire Fly domes are designed for nature cravers and are ideal for resorts and jungle stays.

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